Shift $20 Campaign

Make a pledge today to shift at least $20 a month to support local businesses in your community!

If you had the opportunity to invest $20 a month and turn it into $3.4 million in a year, would you do it?

Based on a population of 28,000, if everyone 18 years and up shifted $20 a month to support local businesses, it would add over $3.4 million back into our local economy in just one year.

Think about how many new jobs that would create, improvements to our roads, parks, and education, more local businesses supporting more local charities, and the effects just keep going!

You can help rebuild our local economy by making a pledge to Shift $20 a month of your spending to support local businesses, and by helping spread the word about our local campaign to your friends, family and neighbors.

“Like” our Facebook page showing your pledge to support local business in your community.

If you want to be part of your community, you need to shop in your community, do business in your community, and live in your community!

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