We’re educating local people about what kind of impact local spending has on our local economy.

Our vision is to create a stable, more vibrant community where we live by encouraging more people to think local first. Our locals-only business directory and Shift $20 Campaign is your only “locals-only” resource for finding local businesses in our community.

Our mission is to keep more dollars flowing within our local economy by:

  1. Educating local consumers on the impact of what local spending has on our local economy.
  2. Encouraging everyone to Shift $20 a month of their current spending toward the support of local businesses.
  3. Getting more people to use the services provided by local businesses right here in our community.

Rely On Local Business advocates for the support of local business online and throughout the community during local events and networking socials, as well as public speaking engagements.

If you own a local business, find out how you can be part of our unique local movement. Learn more.

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