Rely On Local Business is your ONLY locals-only resource for finding local businesses in your community.

Together, we can help bring vitality back into our local economy by supporting local business in our community. Make a personal pledge to be part of our Shift $20 Campaign and spread the word to family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and customers.


  • Arts & Entertainment

    Music, theater, musicians, concert halls, museums, galleries, community centers, and more
  • Automotive

    Service technicians, inspections, maintenance, oil changes, auto repair, new tires and more.
  • Business Services

    Accounting, advertising, finance, human resources, marketing, and more.
  • Construction

    Contractor equipment rental, builders & contractors, building supplies, and more
  • Education

    Charter schools, educational supplies, private schools, specialty instruction, tutoring and more.
  • Finance

    Accounting & bookkeeping, appraisals, community banking, credit unions, financial planning and more.
  • Food & Dining

    Bakeries, beverages, breakfast, coffee shops, fine dining, ice cream, lunch, restaurants and more.
  • Health & Medicine

    Chiropractors, dentists, doctors, hospitals, medical supplies, pharmacies, urgent care and more.
  • Home & Garden

    Landscaping, home improvement, plumbers, electricians, home décor, garden supplies, nurseries, painters, and more
  • Insurance

    Auto, home, life, commercial, underwriters, renters, and more
  • IT Services

    Information technology services, computer repair, business networking, home networking, and more.
  • Legal

    Civil Litigation, Corporate, Criminal, Environmental, Family, Real Estate, Securities, Tax, and more.
  • Professional

    Architects, accountants, consultants, professional photographers, and more.
  • Real Estate

    Residential, commercial, property management, landlords, developers, and more.
  • Retail Shopping

    Accessories & apparel, jewelry, kids clothing, hardware, shoe stores, gift shops, specialty stores, and more.
  • Salons & Spas

    Stylists, massage, colorists, manicures, pedicures, massage, threading, waxing, and more
  • Sports & Recreation

    Bicycle sales & service, golf courses, climbing gyms, ice skating, roller skating, fitness, and more
  • Travel & Transport

    Travel agents, car rentals, transportation services, couriers, concierge services, and more